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I am sure almost everyone has heard of Trip Advisor, the on line, traveller review site where guests are able to leave their comments and scores on hotels, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, cafes etc.
In the same vain, the biggest on-line hotel booking site asks guests who book a room through their website to review their stay. Today we received a letter telling us that we have been given an average of 9+ out of 10 for all our reviews for 2012.
On line bookings continue to increase year on year along with growth in smart phone and tablet use. It should be simple to book a room at Gliffaes with your phone now and even easier when we launch our new website very soon.
We are all very chuffed with this recognition and it goes without saying that this is all down to hard work from EVERYONE at Gliffaes.
Take a look at the reviews.