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A Useful Piece of Timber

Reusing our felled oak tree

We had this huge oak tree felled a couple of years ago and have since burnt all the cordage on the fires throughout the hotel but Nick decided to save the butt and get it cut into useful lengths of timber.

So today, Martin and his mobile saw rig turned up and with the help of a large tractor and its winch to get the timber into position, they got the whole job done in around two and half hours.

We now have some lovely long, thick planks to make benches from for the gardens, four six-inch square solid oak gate posts and a good stack of oak boards for which we are undecided on how to use them.

Even though the tree has been down for two years the timber will still take a good few months to season and dry thoroughly.

If you need a mobile sawmill contact Frazer & Small on 01874 638 827