An Interview With Artist Harriet Lloyd

It’s About Time You Got To Know Our Resident Artist, Harriet Lloyd A Little Better…

Here at Gliffaes, as many of you may know, we are committed to filling our South Wales hotel with beautiful artwork that we have spent many careful hours selecting over the years. One artist whose work adorns the walls at Gliffaes is particularly special to us and that artist is Harriet Lloyd. Not only does Harriet produce beautiful collage and watercolour pieces, she also happens to be a Duty Manager here at the hotel. So, we thought it was about time you got to know a little more about the lovely lady…

Q: Did you train as an artist? Or is it something you’ve just always had a passion for?

A: I did an art foundation course in Cardiff followed by a degree in Fine Art at Oxford Brookes.

Q: You draw a lot of inspiration from legend and fairy tales, is this something that you have always had an interest in?

A: My inspiration comes from many sources but I am drawn to ideas with narrative.  I often incorporate themes from fairy tales and legend yet at other times the story may be open to interpretation. Images are combined to provoke the imagination so the viewer is left to determine the story for themselves.

Q: How did you find yourself at Gliffaes?

A: Like all of my brothers and my sister I worked at Gliffaes during university holidays and when the position of receptionist came up at my favourite hotel in Wales, it was an ideal place to work part time while I continue my art career.

Q: How long have you worked at Gliffaes and what is it that you do at the hotel?

A: I have been at Gliffaes for about 5 years and I work (part time) as a receptionist/duty manager.

Q: The Brecon Beacons are so stunning, do you draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings?

A: The beauty of the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains probably accounts for the large community of artists in the area and having grown up here means I am of course influenced by my surroundings.  Landscapes and buildings are often the backdrop for many of my paintings.

Q: Do you have a studio or dedicated space that you work from?

A: I work from a shared studio space at The Old Workhouse in Abergavenny.

Q: You work a great deal in collage, why do find this medium so appealing?

A: Collage allows me to experiment with composition and pattern.  I work mostly in watercolour, gouache and ink on paper. The finished paintings are an assemblage of individual ink drawings usually applied to a decorative background, often embellished with metal leaf. Each component may be eccentric and unexpected in the finished context but on closer inspection there is a narrative.

Q: Where can people view your work?

A: I am a member of the Usk Valley Artists’ Co-operative. We are a group of 8 local artists and exhibit at The Tower Gallery in Crickhowell.  The gallery is open from Wednesday to Saturday 10.00 am – 5.00 pm. You can see more of my work here: and

So that’s Harriet Lloyd, our receptionist come resident artist! If you would like to see some of Harriet’s fabulous work for yourself, why not pay our hotel in Brecon a visit? Book direct here, or give us a call on 01874 730 371 for more information.