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Spring Fishing at Gliffaes

Peter Gavan, a regular Gliffaes fisherman and guest sent me a short fishing report from his visit last week. March and April offer exciting fishing provided the eager angler is willing and able to work at it, sometimes for long periods without success. Wild brown trout don’t give themselves up to the first artificial nymph,...

26 Apr 2015

Great news for the River Usk

For many years now the impact of heavy and poorly timed water abstraction from the river Usk has had a detrimental effect on the river and its environment in a number of ways. Welsh Water pump water from the river (close to the estuary) in large amounts to feed the reservoirs of south Wales that...

16 Mar 2015

2014 Fishing Season – a short review

One sure signal that the fishing season has ended is the sight of cars bearing canoes driving up and down the valley. The other signal is that we get the rain every fisherman had been waiting for. 2014 has been a mixed year on the river Usk at Gliffaes and in numbers this is how...

28 Oct 2014

Spring Fishing Report

I was sent this very informative piece by local fisherman, Will Willet, after his fishing trip on 28th March. What he says about times and flies rings very true with what we expect at this time of the year. James, Fishing update – for info:- I rang the hotel this morning and found you only...

29 Mar 2014

Conservation in Action

I recently spent the day with the Wye and Usk Foundation and other members of Rivers Trusts from across the country looking at the conservation work they are doing to restore the Wye, the Usk and their tributaries back to good health. Rivers Trusts have been formed by angling groups, riparian owners and conservationists to...

03 Nov 2013

End of Season Trout Fishing

Last weekend expert dry fly fisherman, Tony Bostock, caught some fantastic wild Usk Brownies on the Gliffaes water over a couple of days. Here is his story of the weekend. The Llandetty fish, shown above, (43cm – 2lbs+) was caught in late afternoon on a parachute Greenwell’s Glory dryfly, from the lie just behind the...

28 Sep 2013

Salmon Catch and Release

Catch and release is a vital part of salmon management to protect future stocks. Research has shown that anglers can avoid unwanted salmon deaths …. but it does require a responsible level of care to achieve this. Good technique means more salmon spawning and more fish to catch in the future. To see your fish...

08 Aug 2013

Real Benefit From Fly Fishing for Improvers Course

After both of our “Improve Your River Fishing” courses were cancelled last year due to the wet summer, I was really excited to be running the first one of 2013. It is always a very rewarding course, both for the participants and me as instructor.  It was also nice to welcome back Charles, a fly...

03 Jul 2013

Tips for Early Season Fishing

Pro Fishing Guide – Frank Williams sent me these few notes on fishing for trout in this cold spring weather Although the winter seems to be endless and the rivers have been slow to start showing their true potential, there are still fish to be caught at this time of year. It’s all about choosing...

02 Apr 2013

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