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Giving the best rates

May I have a copy of your tariff please? Not an unreasonable question, and one that used to be an easy request to comply with. In the good old days a hotel had a tariff for the year, and that was the price you paid for your bedroom. If you were lucky, there were seasonal rates.
Then about 10 years ago, along came the low cost airlines who based their business model on being able to set their ticket prices according to supply and demand. Closely followed behind them were third party hotel web sites such as; and (now known as OTAs or Online Travel Agencies).  Through them, hotels were now able to sell unsold rooms at short notice at discounted prices, paying around 15% to the third party site. In recent years these sites have ballooned, and keeping your availability and rates up to date across them all is nigh on impossible. In fact, we ended up paying someone to do this for us.

New Technology

Now with the advent of new websites and software, individual hotels have the power to change their rates whenever they wish. In addition to this, the technology is able to keep the availability of the rooms always up to date. This means we can now respond to supply and demand very quickly and set competitive rates into the future.

The day of the month is displayed  across the top and the room types down the left hand side. This allows you to see the bed and breakfast price for any given day, up to a year in advance. Either book on line or call us and we will quote the same price shown on our website. Given time I hope to be able to put up special offers and use promotional codes to give exclusive offers to those people who choose to receive our newsletter.
I hope that we are now able to offer our best rates to everyone all the time and not just those people who have the patience to go from one website to another looking for the lowest price on offer as you should always find the best price right here. So go and have a look at our tariff page now.