Corona Virus Measures

Corona Virus Measures.

Face Masks

Face masks are to be worn indoors within the public areas of the hotel except when eating and drinking.

Who can you share a table with?

For the most update advice on who you can and can’t meet up with indoors please see this page on the Welsh Government website. 

good to go

After a trial opening at the beginning of August to get our procedures sorted we have now opened to one and all. So far the feedback from our guests is that they felt very safe and the hotel never felt crowded.

Bravo team Gliffaes! We had a super two night stay with you last week and once again enjoyed the wonderful food and comfy rooms that you provide. We felt that the covid precautions you have in place got the balance exactly right between making us feel safe but not taking away any of the charm of staying in such a unique hotel. There were enough guests so the public rooms didn’t seem empty or lonely but we also didn’t feel crowded. The bar and dining room staff worked especially hard because, rightly so, there was no self serve element in these areas. Gliffaes is perfectly walking the fine line between the usual experience and the new covid secure arrangements. Congratulations – we look forward to returning to the Brecon Beacons soon.

Best wishes,
Vinny Colley

The hotel has re-opened with 16 out of our 23 rooms, this will enable us to comply with social distancing requirements, which are currently 2m in Wales unlike the 1m plus in England.

This means the tables in the dining room are well spaced out and there is plenty of room for everyone in the public rooms.

All of our staff have undergone on-line and practical COVID-19 prevention training. Some staff have chosen to wear a mask but I have not made it compulsory. There is no requirement for guests to wear masks.

Afternoon Tea, Lunch & Dinner and non-residents

We are open for lunch and dinner to non-residents but would ask that you book a table. We will be taking your contact information for ‘Track and Trace’ purposes.

We are serving afternoon tea . Booking is required.

Please be mindful of the Welsh Government regulations on who you can and can’t meet up with. At the moment you can only share a table with those from your extended household and up to a maximum of 6 people.

Should I book a room?

I think it is better for you to make a booking if you wish and we will contact you with a least a weeks’ notice if we can’t honour it and we have waived our normal 48 hour cancellation period, for the time being, so you can cancel or move your booking whenever you like. Please book directly with us either via phone or the on-line system. I don’t intend to sell any rooms via etc.
Fear not, we are in a reasonable position to weather this storm for a while and the government’s grants and loans have certainly helped. If you are on our email database I will keep you updated of the position. Once again a huge thank you and we really look forward to welcoming old friends and new faces once all this is over.
James and Susie Suter