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Corona Virus Measures at Gliffaes

We are well aware that Corona Virus has not gone away in Wales although the rates of infection are lower in Wales than in many other parts of the UK. We are also well aware that people are keen to get out and about and meet up with friends and family and here at Gliffaes we want to enable that to happen as safely as possible.

Keeping you Safe – Keeping numbers Down

Space and fresh air are key to keeping you safe at Gliffaes, something we have an abundance of. All our public rooms are big and airy with plenty of well-spaced seating. So as not to overcrowd the dining room, we are still restricting the number of rooms we are selling to ensure guest numbers are kept to a manageable and safe level.

What are the current rules in Wales?

  • Masks are no longer required in hotels, restaurants and pubs etc.
  • Masks are required in shops, public buildings and health care settings as well as public transport.
  • Social distancing rules have been dropped although the advice is still to be mindful of close contact.
  • You can now meet up with who you like and in groups of any size.


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