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Evening Trout Fishing In South Wales

Fly Fishing In The Brecon Beacons

That wonderful moment when evening trout fishing is here has arrived. I fished last Saturday and started at about 8pm on a beautiful evening. I set off to the top part of Llandetty where I know good fish live and found lots happening and good sized fish.

Using a klinkhammer with a grey body and a grey wolf hackle size 14 I soon found takers but all going short until a fish was hooked. It took off with no respect for the amount of line on my reel and when I finally netted this huge beast it was hooked in one of the front fins and was all of 9 oz!! That part of Llandetty which has been cleared to make much easier access is well worth a visit.

I returned with my one fish to see Peta into a big fish which she promptly lost it so we needed another fish to make our Bar-B-Q worth while. A few moments later I hooked another just after ten about a lb. Sadly Ali (grand daughter) didn’t score but we all enjoyed the delicious Usk wild brown trout.

I was out last night on Gliffaes middle beat at 8.30pm fishing the same fly in the rough water using my standard tactics of a very short line. Lots of takes to begin with by mainly 5/6 oz fish which I  am delighted to see then, as dusk set in, fish were sipping everywhere. I returned three good sized specimens between ¾ and 1 ¼ lbs. I could have continued for another hour but my dog, who insists on staying by my side, even in deep water, was getting cold and I could not stand the noise of her teeth chattering!

Nick Brabner