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Backyard Lumberjack Day

Learn all about selecting, splitting and stacking firewood and the lore of the backyard axeman!

Gliffaes is pleased to offer two, one day, ‘Backyard Lumberjack Days’ in November 2019. (Saturday 23rd November and Saturday 7th December).

I love it as the Autumn days begin to draw in as it heralds when work can start in the woods. My thoughts turn to lighting fires in the evenings, but I must have a good supply of dry, well-seasoned wood to burn and this takes a little planning.
Here at Gliffaes, we have two open fires and two wood burning stoves which are lit from pretty much October to April, all day, every day. Which means we burn tons and tons of split logs each year. On the whole, most of this wood has been split by hand, by me, and over the last 20 years, I have become pretty proficient at choosing, splitting and stacking firewood, as well as learning all the tips and hacks to make this job efficient, safe and above all, enjoyable.

What you will learn on our Lumberjack Day:-

  • Selecting the perfect firewood (by hand or buying).
  • The importance of timing and drying your wood.
  • Choosing the right axe for the job.
  • Learning to split logs safely with an axe. ( I still have 10 fingers and toes!)
  • A look at mechanical splitters.
  • Moving and stacking logs.
  • Chopping kindling. (No more orange nets from the garage please.)
  • Looking after your tools.
  • Get a fantastic workout and a great sense of satisfaction from turning a pile of wood into a stack of split logs ready for the fire.
  • No more than 3 people on the course.

You won’t have to buy your split firewood again (either too wet or so dry that it burns in an instant) and you can have the satisfaction of knowing how to use one of man’s most basic tools. Wear your plaid shirt with pride!

What does the Course include and cost?

  • The course is open to residents of Gliffaes Hotel over the age of 16.
  • The course will run from 9.30 to 12.30 when we will break for lunch and then finish up at around 3.30. (Lunch is included, probably around a fire, outside)
  • You will be given your own splitting axe to use for the day and then take home. 
  • You will need a pair of stout boots (steel toe caps are good), no wellington boots.
  • A pair of gloves.
  • The cost, including your axe and lunch, is £135 per person.
  • You will be required to book either the Friday or Saturday (or both) night(s) at Gliffaes Hotel. Check the rates here. 


How to book or give this day as a gift?

Please call us on 01874 730 371 to book or we can prepare a voucher, as a gift, and send it on to you. Payment for the course is required on booking.