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Fishing with Frank

This was our third fishing trip to Gliffaes and our second under Frank’s guidance. I am 17 and my father takes me on an annual fly fishing trip as a treat. Unfortunately my home county of Essex is flat and so I do not get much time to practice on rivers between visits which is why time with Frank’s tuition and guidance is invaluable.
We start straight on the water so Frank can see how much progress we have made over the past year. My father pulls out a decent fish almost immediately on a nymph but Frank has noticed Dark Olives hatching so he goes up river with me and we fish some medium running water with the matching fly and a nymph to see if  I can get in on the action. Within 15 mins I have pulled out a nice 9 inch trout. That was the first of 3 that day for me.
The next day we meet Frank early.  On the previous day he had noticed that our casting had become a bit rusty so we spent an hour on the lawn with casting tuition.  Then it was back down to the river where we fished faster water using a duo.  Again Frank showing me how he was thinking.  All the time teaching me watercraft – I pulled out 5 that day and I lost a monster 2 pounder with a broken line.  No one else on the river was even getting a bite!
Frank not only enjoys fishing but loves to teach. He is equally able to teach basic starters through to seasoned fishermen. Frank is also a competitive fly fisherman, meaning that his methods result in maximum action out on the river.
I look forward to fishing with him more over the coming years – I just wish there were more rivers in Essex.
James Wilkinson – Chelmsford, Essex
If you would like a day out with Frank Williams you can get get in touch with him via his website .
Frank is running a series of fly fishing courses, from beginners upwards, at Gliffaes, through out the season. There is another good piece about fishing the Usk at Gliffaes with Frank on this ezine.
into a large usk brown trout at Gliffaes Country House
Keeping it in the family – Tim Wilkinson into a large Usk Brownie