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Fly Fishing On The River Usk At Gliffaes Country House Hotel

Gliffaes has been well known as a destination for a fishing holiday since the 1900s and the Usk has been famed for its wild brown trout fishing since time immemorial. Once upon a time, the Usk was a famed salmon river too, but catches have dwindled in the last 20 years like so many salmon rivers across the world.

In the picture you can see the hotel off to the left, perched 100 feet above where the river Usk makes a lazy turn on it’s way to the Bristol Channel. On this perfect stretch,  a 5-minute walk from the hotel, we invite you to come and try and catch a wild Usk ‘brownie’.

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Private River Fishing In The Brecon Beacons

Wild brown trout are what you will be fishing for on the Usk, we don’t stock the river at Gliffaes. A 1lbs fish is a good fish here but we have seen much bigger, but the otters seem to get there first.

Gliffaes Hotel has about a three-quarter-mile stretch of single bank fishing below the hotel divided into 3 beats; The Top Beat, The Middle Beat and The Salmon Pool. A ten-minute car ride upstream takes you to Llandetty. Here the Hotel has a further mile of double-bank fishing; Llandetty Left Bank and Llandetty Right Bank.

To fish our beats properly you will need chest waders.

Fishing is primarily for Hotel residents and I suggest that if you want to fish you ‘book a beat’ when you book your room.

Links to more information on tackle, flies and getting the services of a guide are below.

We are extremely pleased to have been awarded the Good Hotel Guide Editor’s Choice Award for Fishing Hotels 2021.

We are proud supporters of the Wye and Usk Foundation who are working tirelessly to improve the habitat of both catchments. Miles more fishing can be had via their ‘Passport Scheme’.

A little more on our fishing

brown trout fishing on the usk

A fine Usk 'brownie'

Spring fly fishing at Gliffaes Hotel on the river Usk

Spring fishing on the Usk

Rules and Regulations

The fishing season on the Usk begins on March 3rd and the trout season finishes on 30th September while the salmon season finishes on 17th October.

A trout rod on the Gliffaes water (for 2021) costs £32 and a salmon rod £40. The costs are the same whether you are on the water for one hour or twelve hours. You will also need an Environment Agency rod licence available from main Post Offices and online.  The fishing season on the Usk begins on March 3rd and the trout season finishes on 30th September while the salmon season finishes on 17th October.

Fly only and barbless hooks for trout and feel free to keep a trout for your breakfast, which we will cook for you. All salmon must be returned and salmon fishing is now strictly fly only.

I Am Not Staying at The Hotel Can I Come and Fish?

Residents always take priority on the fishing beats at Gliffaes. The best advice is to call the day before (01874 730 371) you wish to come and fish to see if there is space on the river.

River Conditions and Water Height

You can check the height and the condition of the water via the webcam at Glan Usk which is about a mile and a half downstream of our water. The Usk rises and falls pretty quickly after heavy rain.

We have been looking after fishermen since 1948, and whilst you are with us you will be most comfortable and well cared for, in one of our luxurious rooms. With delicious locally sourced food and an extensive wine list, you can be sure of a relaxing stay.


Fly Fishing At Gliffaes - A Short Film