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Start of the Fly Fishing Season 2012

Our predictions for fly fishing at Gliffaes Hotel in 2012

The fishing season started yesterday (3rd March – 30th September for trout and 17th October for salmon) and the Usk looked pretty good at Gliffaes, all be it, with pretty low flows, at about a foot above summer levels. We have had rain overnight so I expect the water to be higher today.

I took the opportunity to clear up the all the litter on the Gliffaes top beat, coming away with a good bag of plastic and the lone obligatory shoe. I will finish off this task over the next couple of days.
Early season fishing in the cold weather is not easy, the fish will not really start to move much before mid-morning and then only for short periods. Be careful not to spend too long over lunch.

What chance a salmon?

This is the advice from the Wye and Usk Foundation newsletter from yesterday.
“Currently the rivers are low for the time of year and water still quite cold. For salmon fishers on the opening day, there is always the chance of a fish having pushed up earlier in the year and so we would not be surprised to hear of fish caught anywhere from Builth or Abergavenny downstream. The smart money however is on the lower beats of both rivers. There is a bottle for the first on each river so please email us.” So not much chance of a salmon at Gliffaes at present.
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