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Have You Signed The Charter For Trees?

To mark the 800th anniversary of the original Charter for Trees (signed in 1217) over 70 organisations have got together, under the umbrella of the Woodland Trust, to stress the huge importance and value that trees bring to our society by introducing the Charter for Trees, Woods & People.

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The Charter For Trees, Woods & People

In 1217, Henry III signed the Charter of the Forest at Runnymede – the clause of the Magna Carta that relates to the forests were then made into their own Charter to set out freedoms and liberties within Anglo-Norman Forest Law. This Charter re-established rights of access to the Royal Forests for noblemen, who were considered the “free men”.

Fortunately, we are all free men now and the new Charter for Trees, Woods and People want to make those rights more relevant to today’s society by ensuring all people of the UK have an understanding of trees, forestries and their beneficial properties. The new Charter recognises and celebrates this right and will draw its strength from the hundreds of thousands of people who have signed it so far. There are 10 principles enshrined in the new Charter, some of these include the preservation of forestries and ensuring rich habitats are provided for wildlife to thrive. To find out more please have a look at their excellent website and make sure you sign the Charter.

Gliffaes Hotel And Trees

Here at Gliffaes, we recognise that the main appeal is the wonderful location of our Crickhowell hotel, particularly as it is set within the most amazing treescape. We have enhanced this experience for our guests by mapping out a tree walk that highlights some of the most important specimens that we have from around the world – some being planted over 400 years ago. We take an active role in managing our tree as we value the huge importance that the trees play in creating a rich and diverse habitat for all manner of flora and fauna. To ensure our treescape is thriving we also plant more trees every year. To us at Gliffaes, it makes perfect sense to sign up to the 2017 Charter for Trees, People and Woods. We believe that the opportunity to connect to nature should be available to all, so our grounds are open to anyone to walk in and enjoy.

Let Us Show You Our Trees

Autumn is a fantastic time to see the trees of Gliffaes and to celebrate the launch of the Charter for Trees we are hosting a guided tree walk. So follow James Suter, co-owner of Gliffaes and Rob Penn, woodland expert and author of ‘Woods, A Celebration’, on a tour of this natural spectacular at our hotel in the Brecon Beacons. The event is being held on Wednesday 8th November and will be followed by a delicious lunch in our restaurant in the Brecons.

To get involved with the Tree Walk, find out more here. Or if you have any queries, please get in touch  on 01874 730 371.

Room For Trees

We are calling on our guests to help local tourism businesses support an urgent local initiative to plant one million trees in and around the Brecon Beacons in 2022.  By taking action together we can begin to make a difference.

Origins Of The Christmas Tree

To celebrate the coming of our favourite holiday, the team at our Brecon Beacons hotel decided to explore the history behind the famous conifer.