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Extremely High Water On The River Usk

Goodness me we had a lot of rain at the end of March begining of April and the river rose fast and furious, putting paid to any ideas our guests had of fishing over Easter. You would think that everything in the river; fish, eels, inverterbrates etc would all end up in the Bristol Channel, but somehow they all just hide under rocks or move to the edges of the river to ride out the storm.

The good thing about the Usk is that the high flows drop off very quickly and within 24-36 hours of the rain stopping the river is back to normal. This video was taken on Easter Saturday (April 3rd) and just shows the size and the force of the Usk.

The River Usk In Full Flow

Just as an aside, speaking to a couple who were fishing this morning they saw a otter and two cubs swim all the way up our main pool, searching for fish, and paying no head to the two fishermen.