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Home-Reared Pork At Gliffaes

In January of this year we bought two Oxford Sandy and Black pigs as weaners to fatten up for the kitchen. Susie and I had never kept pigs before but were assured by our daughter, Olivia, that it was easy as she had been in charge of the pigs at her prep school. It turns out she was right, as once we had set up an electric fence and cut up an old oil tank to make a pig arc or shelter for them they required very little from us except food and water.

They became known as, ‘Pig and Pig’ because we did not want to get too attached to them as we knew that their life would be a short one. Pig and Pig were real characters and loved to be scratched and tickled and became quite an attraction to the hotel guests. They also did a pretty good job of rooting up nettles and brambles in their corner of the woods.

They put on weight fast, although a lot slower than commercial breeds, and by 25 weeks old they had gone from the size of a terrier to weighing over 60 kgs each. We picked them up from the slaughter house this week and in this very short video below you can see head chef, Karl Cheetham explaining what he is going to do with all the lovely pork.

Come and stay soon and you should see a fair bit of our pork on the menu. Of course all this ties in very neatly with our local sourcing policy – they could not have come from any closer to Gliffaes if they tried.

Creating Menus Of Pork Dishes At Gliffaes