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A White Christmas In The Brecon Beacons

It is snowing again and three of us spent all morning yesterday clearing snow and scattering salt on the hill that leads up to the hotel from the main road in the vain attempt of keeping the road open for our guests, our staff and our suppliers.

Susie and I have lived here for twelve years and we have never seen as much snow as we currently have, about 6-8 inches. It has been so cold that even the sides of the fast flowing river Usk have frozen up along with the ice-machine in the bar! We have been looking after a few intrepid guests this week who have appreciated being snow bound in front of the fire. We have the good folk from Ty Mawr Lime coming for their Christmas party tonight and I will make sure that we get them all safely up the hill and into the hotel.

Gardens look stunning in the snow

Providing the County Council is able to keep the main road network open we will battle on to keep the lane up to the hotel as passable as possible, as of this morning it has been quite straight forward for a car to get up to the hotel, providing you take it steady. If you do come up to Gliffaes the grounds and all the trees look truly stunning under their blanket of snow and we had so much snow on the cedar tree that the weight of it caused a huge branch to crack off during the night, the noise was so loud it woke me up. My next job is to try and find some mistletoe – I have never climbed a tree in the snow before.

winter walking in the black mountains from Gliffaes Hotel

Cancelled Bookings

We have had several rooms cancel their Christmas bookings today and we have taken the decision not to charge anyone a cancellation fee although it will mean I will be eating turkey and mince pies for the whole of January while we are closed. We still plan to go ahead with our carol singing on Christmas eve but please do call us if you would like an update on the road situation around Gliffaes. You can always park at the bottom of the hill and enjoy a snowy walk of about a mile to the hotel.
Happy Christmas.