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King Of The Hill

A New Mower To Tend To The Lush Lawns At Gliffaes

Does anyone remember an American cartoon which used to air late at night called , ‘King of the Hill’?

It was all about Texan Hank Hill who sells propane, believes in the American Way and loves his ride on lawn mower more than his wife. I think I am getting that Hank Hill feeling now that I have had to buy a smart new lawn mower for the hotel.

Those of you who have been to Gliffaes will know that we have a lot of lawn and that we like to keep them looking as good as possible. I am not sure how much lawn we have in terms of area but all I know is that it takes about 2.5hrs to cut the lot even on a machine that mows at 6mph. When the summer is not so wet and we don’t have contractors digging up the lawn to lay pipes I like to think that the lawns at Gliffaes look as good as the fairways at a top class golf course. Good enough for serious croquet anyway.

For those of you still reading, we have bought a Jacobsen TR3 from the very helpful David Evans Agricultural Ltd in the Vale of Glamorgan who were also very kind as to take the old machine way which literally just stopped dead in the middle of the lawn about 10 days ago.

Just don’t even think about asking for a go……..