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Late Summer Recipe: Figs Two Ways

Fig season will soon be over; if you are quick you can still grab some at your local supermarket. Be inspired by our chef to create this delicious dessert that’s bound to impress you and your guests.

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A Delicious Recipe From Our Pastry Chef

We will soon be bidding a fond farewell to summer and that action itself hails the arrival of a warm, almost brooding season; autumn. Food during this time is complex, layered and seemingly evocative of the earth and rebirth. Pastry chef at our Brecon restaurant, Yann, has put together this delicious recipe of figs two ways.

Our kitchen team loves a challenge, so Yann was more than excited at the prospect of creating something new from ingredients grown here at Gliffaes. “Susie gave me fresh figs from the garden, and my mind came up with many different recipes. The hotel’s menu was crying out for a dessert with figs and mascarpone, so I created a simple yet fig-focussed dish our guests loved.”

To try this dish yourself, you will need some fresh figs, mascarpone cheese, icing sugar, vanilla paste, almonds (flaked and whole), honey and lemon balm.

• To create Gliffaes’ Carpaccio and honey glazed figs with mascarpone and almonds, you will first need to roast both the flaked and whole almonds in the oven. Once golden, blend the whole roasted almonds until you get a crumble-like consistency.

•To the mascarpone, add icing sugar and the vanilla paste. This can be done to taste – then whisk until you have a creamy texture.

• Cut one of the figs finely for the Carpaccio and cut the other one in half ready to glaze. Warm up some honey to season the other figs.

• Drizzle some honey onto the finely sliced figs. Then glaze the halved figs with some sugar and a blowtorch before placing the glazed halved figs on top of the Carpaccio figs.

• Make a quenelle of the mascarpone cream and put it onto the centre of the dessert. (A quenelle is a presentation technique that adds a touch of refinement to a dish. If you are unsure of how to achieve this, you can find out how by clicking here.)

• Add some flaked and crumbled almonds and to finish, decorate with baby lemon balm.

Few hotels in Wales are as open with their techniques and service secrets, but as Gliffaes is a family treasure, we are more than happy to share our recipes and tips with our guests and diners.

“Before service, I roast the flaked almonds first before adding all the almonds to the oven. To give them more taste, I then blend all the almonds together for a crumble – I want to have different shapes of almonds for texture, taste and presentation. Once a guest has ordered, I get to work cutting one fig very finely for the Carpaccio. You don’t need to serve yours the same way, it is perfectly acceptable to create the dish entirely before serving at home.”

We look forward to seeing your attempts of figs two ways – be sure to tag your pictures on our Instagram or Facebook pages and don’t forget to tell your friends about us. We are one of the most locally conscious and welcoming places to eat in Brecon!

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