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Learning the Welsh Language

Defining a nation and a true treasure of the country, the Welsh language in equal parts delights and challenges most who hear it. Our hotel in Brecon fully embraces the landscape, heritage and people that surround the property, so in the following blog, we will share tips on how to learn the language. You can try it yourself on your next visit to the Brecon Beacons…

Beginners Words & Phrases

Welsh pronunciation can be challenging for those learning the language. To help you out, here are a few beginner words and phrases.

To say hello formally, the Welsh say helo. For a more informal greeting or to ask how someone is, you can say s’mae that is pronounced as shoo-my.

To respond that you are fine, and to thank the person you are conversing with, you would say iawn diolch (yown dee-ol’ch). One of the first phrases we learn at school be it in French, Spanish or German, is usually – what is your name? In Welsh, you would say be’ dy’ch enw chi, pronounced bay di’ch enoo ch’ee. To say what your name is, you would say ‘Name’ yw f’enw I (you ven-oo ee.)

Please is os gwelwch chi’n dda in Welsh and Thank you is diolch, to say thank you very much you would say diolch yn fawr which is pronounced as dee-ol’ch un vowr.

Arguably one of the most famous phrases – welcome, or you’re welcome is croeso, and you would say this as croy-so.


It is easier now more than ever to take language courses online. Whether you want to become fluent or just get a better grasp for your next visit, you can try Duolingo who offer a free course that takes just 5 minutes a day. The Open University also offer a 4-hour course that results in a statement of participation – this proves that you can listen, speak, read and write in Welsh. Gwefus run an online skype class – attendees include people from as far away as the United States!


Near the hotel

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience of the Welsh language, Aberystwyth University runs a Welsh class in Crickhowell that suits all abilities. The beginner’s classes are held at The Scout Hall, the intermediate class can be found at The Crickhowell Resource & Information Centre.

History and Facts

Welsh, or Cymraeg is a Celtic language and one of the oldest languages in Europe In the sixth century, Welsh in its oldest form was spoken throughout most of the west – from southern Scotland down as far as Cornwall! Since the Welsh Language Act of 1993, Welsh has been granted equal status with English in Wales. Approximately half a million people who live in Wales speak Welsh; that’s around 19% of the population! Interestingly, there is one particular word in Welsh that has no English translation; hiraeth. Used to describe a nostalgia, yearning or desire for the Wales of the past, many opt for this word when they want to express a connection to their homeland.

We hope our blog has helped inspire your desire to learn this beautiful language. It’s safe to say that learning Welsh has never been easier! We look forward to saying Helo to you when you next stay at our hotel in Brecon Beacons

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