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Spring Fishing at Gliffaes

Peter Gavan, a regular Gliffaes fisherman and guest sent me a short fishing report from his visit last week.

March and April offer exciting fishing provided the eager angler is willing and able to work at it, sometimes for long periods without success. Wild brown trout don’t give themselves up to the first artificial nymph, wet or dry fly that is cast before them. It isn’t that easy. My companion Steve Ellis and I fished for five days, accompanied by my son Alistair for two days. Two of us are competent, the third a novice. We caught 55 fish, mostly in the 6 to 10 inch range, but up to 17 inches for the bigger ones, two of which we did take back for the chef to serve up. Delicious!

With light tackle (I fish a three weight line), an eagerness to fish from 10.00 to 17.00, and following basic rules such as wearing dark clothing, fishing shady water and ruffles in bright sunshine overhead, and keeping mobile not static, we had great fun. The weather is rarely ideal. Lack of rain reduced the river to virtually summer low, and bright sunshine with a permanent cold win upriver made for unpleasant casting particularly for dry fly which probably accounted for 40 per cent of the catches. For what it’s worth my best tip is to get in the river in chest waders with stick and life jacket not to wade deep or dangerously but to get your profile closer to river level where you see and hear so much more than standing high on the bank. Above all, enjoy the surroundings. Simply glorious.