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Spring Flowers at Gliffaes

It was just before Christmas that a little white showed on the Snowdrops by the Lodge. Now, over two months later Galanthus to use their proper name are in full flight everywhere.
The very cold weather has extended their season and there is a bumper crop as result. Specialist growers with often hundreds of different varieties would expect to have blooms well into March but with only three or four different kinds here at Gliffaes we are delighted, and they certainly cheer up a dreary winter’s day and give us hope for Spring!

Winter Aconites began to appear in January and add a welcome touch of colour. The first Camellias are beginning to peep through, as always the white ones first. Their foliage is invaluable in flower arrangements, and like the skimmia which saves the day in vases at this time of year it lasts for a long time in water  inspite of central heating.
The next excitement will be the daffodils which are just about to bloom and very late they are this year to. (I’ve cheated actually and encouraged some to flower in the kitchen near the Aga!) Unlike the Snowdrops, which naturalized in vast numbers but are very ordinary varieties, we have a large variety of Daffs and Narcissi ensuring a good long flowering season and a  regular supply of  fresh flowers for the Hotel. This season I must remember to count just how many different ones we have. Roll on warmer weather.