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Storms Eunice & Franklin

Gliffaes did certainly not get away unscathed from the successive storms that blew across the country over the last weekend. I was fearing the worst for the hotel’s roof which is still under repair and covered in scaffolding with some pitches only partly tiled. Amazingly, nothing was lifted off but the rain was driven into the many buckets in the attic.

The magnificent trees in the arboretum did not get away so lightly and the gales blew over 3 very large specimens. An oak tree on the main drive and two beech trees within the grounds. Both beech trees had separate fungal growths which had weakened them and I was not too surprised to see them go over. The oak tree that has fallen over next to the drive and slipped down the bank towards the river is going to require some ingenuity and a lot of grunt to retrieve it, sadly I can’t leave it where it has fallen. The lane leading to the hotel from the main road was also blocked for two days with a tangle of big oaks and beech, see bottom pictures, before and after.

On a brighter note, we are planting more trees than we lose. Just this planting season alone we have planted a group of five Himalayan Birches amongst the snowdrops and the purple coralroot bitter cress (pictured botton left), five more fruit trees (cherries and mirabelle) along with some specimen trees viz; a Chinese Bean Tree (Catalpa fargesii), an Indian Bean Tree (Catalpa bignonioides) and a tree with an exotic name, a Lebanese Wild Apple (Malus trilobata).

Your stay at Gliffaes contributes to tree planting across the Brecon Beacons through the newly formed tree planting charity, Stump up for Trees. The hotel gives £1 for every room night we sell and we ask that every guest gives £2.50 towards the charity, which is added to your bill on check-out. In the last 9 months the hotel has raised over £6500 and since the loosing of covid rules the charity has been planting trees and hedges throughout the winter.