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Swinging into Autumn

A bit of fun down by the river

I was inspired by a picture of a swing I saw in ‘Country Life’ and went to investigate further on line but discovered that the said swing was nearly £500, so I though we would simply make our own.

Several years ago we felled a large Western Red Cedar and had the wood milled into planks. I chose one of the well seasoned planks for the seat, bought some rope, watched a Youtube video on how to splice rope and the job was done.

The tricky part was hanging the swing off a branch 4 or 5 meters off the ground. Once we had thrown a rope over the branch we attached one end to a willing volunteer (my daughter, Alexandra) and the other end to the front of the tractor and slowly pulled her up to the branch so she could fix the swing to the branch.

I hope you will agree that we have chosen a rather fun spot for the swing, please come and have a go next time you are at Gliffaes.