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Two new Pigs

Ten days ago Olivia ( my younger daughter) and I went over to Builth Wells to pick up two Oxford and Sandy Black weaners. A weaner being a young pig, just weaned from its mother, and bought to fatten up for six to eight months ready for the table.
There is a growing interest in small scale pig rearing across the country which has helped to revive the smaller, more traditional breeds of pigs. It was once common place for households to have a pig, as a source of meat and as something that would get rid of kitchen waste. Feeding kitchen waste to pigs is now banned (to prevent another outbreak of foot and mouth) but I have another task up my sleeve for our pigs.
Some breeds of pigs are excellent at clearing ground of brambles, bracken and nettles and this is what I hope the two young Gliffaes pigs will do when we set them loose in the woods behind the hotel.
If you get to Gliffaes this Spring do ask if you would like to go and see the pigs and if you come at the end of the summer you will only be able to find them on the menu.