Visit to a Welsh Lavender Farm

One would not necessarily associate lavender growing and Wales, but I visited the most wonderful local lavender farm today and it was a real treat.
A pretty drive of about 50 minutes from Gliffaes, the farm is 1,100 feet at the top of the Maesmynis valley with stunning views across the beautiful Welsh countryside. (Take the road via Upper Chapel and the army training area – a trip in itself)
We were warmly welcomed by Nancy Durham and Bill Newton-Smith, who kindly showed us around and explained how they started to grow lavender and what they do with it now.
The lavender is grown organically and they currently have 8,000 lavender plants growing over two and a half acres.  After harvesting, it is distilled and the oil and floral water are the basis for the luxury skincare products in the Farmer’s range. It’s incredible to think that these products start life right outside their home in the lavender fields of the farm.
If you would like to visit Nancy and Bill, see their beautiful farm and be tempted by their fabulous products, appointments can be made by telephoning them on + 44 (0)1982 552467.
Susie Suter